Crunchy Munchy Salad

Crunchy Munchy Salad

September 07, 2017

I love today’s salad. I eat it as a late night snack if I get hungry and can go to bed free of guilt and wake up feeling great. I call it crunchy munchy salad because it’s great for fiber. When people go on a cleanse or a diet, one of the big things they miss is chips. The salt can be what you crave, but it’s also texture for some people, they want to feel/eat something crunchy. Cabbage is a great crunch food. You really have to chew it to digest it. It’s sooo good for you. It feels so wonderful to eat this because it makes you regular. It’s like it is scrubbing out your insides. Having healthy bowels and eliminating regularly is the foundation of excellent health, nothing else can flourish if that’s a problem.

One cup grated red cabbage
One cup grated green cabbage
One large grated beet
1 cup kidney beans
1/2 cup grated diakon radish
Fresh Mint
Dressing: olive oil, lime, sea salt to taste

I love to layer the salad, line the bowl with red cabbage, then green, then kidney beans, then beats and top with the daikon radish. Mix the olive oil and lime together and drizzle over it, garnish with mint.

Doesn’t it look pretty?

Learn to love and eat FRESH vegetables abundantly! It will change your life. Enjoy!

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